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Join the most powerful healing summit of 2024 and showcase your business, products, and services.


Exposure to Target Audience: Vendors can gain direct exposure to a target audience interested in health, wellness, and personal development. The summit provides an opportunity for vendors to showcase products or services aligned with the interests of attendees seeking healing and well-being.

Brand Association: Being associated with a healing summit reinforces a vendor's commitment to holistic well-being. This association can enhance the vendor's brand image and appeal to consumers who prioritize wellness in their lifestyles.

Networking Opportunities: Vendors can connect with like-minded professionals, practitioners, and potential clients within the healing and wellness industry. Networking at the summit may lead to collaborative opportunities, partnerships, or future business ventures.

Marketing and Promotion: Vendors may benefit from event-related marketing and promotional efforts, such as inclusion in event materials, social media campaigns, and press releases. This exposure can amplify the vendor's reach and attract a wider audience.

These vendor benefits contribute to the creation of strong, collaborative partnerships that are essential for the success of both vendors and the organizations you serve.

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As the echoes of our Broken, Bound But Becoming Healing Summit, continues to resonate, we are compelled to express our deepest gratitude for your invaluable presence and meaningful contribution. Your participation as a vendor will a distinctive and enriching dimension to the entire experience.

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