Reveal Your Truth at the Broken, Bound, But BECOMING Healing Summit

Shine bright like a diamond on

April 27, 2024

Are you a trauma warrior ( wise, accountable, relentless, rare, inferior, redefined) who has overcome past trauma, shame, guilt, generational curse and set a destiny to cultivate, conquer and create an abundance of triumph?

You are cordially invited to share and inspire your victorious testimony at the Broken, Bound, But BECOMING Healing Summit!

We are ready to introduce bold, brilliant and benevolent speakers that understands that healing is a beautiful journey developing it's warriors to shine embracing their own value.

Is that you? Are you ready?

We want to invite you to ( Push up)

P- Purge


S- Shame and

H- Hesitation

U- Uplift your

P- Presence, Prayer and Power

And emerge in your greatness , while inspiring, motivating and supporting those on a healing journey.

Hosted By

Brandy Nicole ( The Healing Princess)

Recognized as one of the most empowering, engaging and enthusiastic voices in motivational speaking, mental health advocacy and trauma recovery, Brandy Nicole  is a prominent and passionate  keynote speaker, author, certified trauma recovery coach ,and a leading authority on mental health advocacy . Leveraging over 10 years of military experience, where she thrived in helping soldiers through behavioral health concerns to include alcoholism, PTSD, and Bi-polar disorder, Brandy impacts audiences with her mission to heal  and free trauma warriors through trauma recovery dialogs , trauma informed leadership and unique fitness regiments, designed to help warriors overcome what's kept them bound . She trains individuals and corporations worldwide to eradicate trauma bound behaviors and patterns, mental health stigmas and adopt authentic mindsets, spiritual deliverance and fitness consistency.

Brandy’s transformational principles impact audiences, so they learn to embrace greatness and achieve success. Her dynamic  expertise has earned her invitations to speak on major corporate stages across the country. She has delivered dynamic live and virtual keynote speeches for large audiences, including being  graduation keynote speaker for The Eve’s Center, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, a community of women devoted to  promoting hope, healing and growth through biblical, confidential  peer counseling, as well as  the prominent and powerful  Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, just to name a few. 

Brandy is a compelling motivator with natural desire and instinct to inspire the masses despite their struggles. Brandy founded Allure Global Consultants Corporation by way of Trauma Fitness, a global movement to help woman suffering from past trauma and depression, create ways to identify the root of their trauma, implement strategy for deliverance and discover inner authority, all while building a physique of a lifetime, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental growth.

Brandy’s bold approach to fighting personal trauma head on through boxing fitness regiments allows her the ability to restore, revive and redefine the masses through her broken, bound, but becoming movement. A movement inspired by her own personal trauma’s that led her and is now leading and cultivating other’s to becoming their best inner W.A.R.R.I.O.R ( Wise, Accountable, Relentless, Rare, Inferior, Optimistic and Redefined)

Brandy prides herself on her unique triple A method that enlightens your ability to ignite the spark within you, by opening a Segway to  three powerful steps to healing by way of  Acknowledging your trauma, Accepting it’s existence and being Accountable in your own oppression of oppressed healing. 

As an inspirational figure and dedicated healer, she is the author of a newly released book, Becoming Your Better! which guides readers to become their best version of self after trauma, shame and guilt and leads them on a powerful 6 step approach to proper healing and self discovery and feminine empowerment.

Brandy is no stranger to community efforts. Her passion to build women despite their past struggles is remarkable. She is also founder of A World of Poise Inc, a non profit organization focused on assisting underprivileged girls and young women with the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship and leadership skills. The aim is to eradicate various challenges experienced by girls and women that often hold them from achieving social and economic development, due to domestic violence, sexual harassment, drug abuse, bullying, homelessness, unemployment, and poverty. 

Brandy is an upcoming graduate of a bachelor of science degree in integrative studies with a minor in psychology from Clayton State University, She’s a certified trauma recovery coach, Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant and holds more than a decade of military behavioral health experience and certifications. Her work has been featured in several publications, podcast and newspaper articles with great promise for more in the near future.