The Broken, Bound But Becoming Healing Summit

Welcome to the most transformational healing event of 2024!

The Broken, Bound But Becoming Healing Summit is a powerful and transformational summit designed to ignite your healing from past trauma, depression and generational curses. Hear from powerful speakers sharing their personal stories and strategies of turning what was designed to destroy them into evolving victories.

Mark Your Calendars for April 27, 2024 and prepare to be transformed, reignited and delivered from all things that has kept you bound and feeling defeated. It's going down in the heart of Atlanta, Ga


Inspirational Narratives

Our distinguished speakers, each a beacon of resilience, will share personal stories of triumph over trauma. These narratives are not only moving but serve as powerful examples of the human capacity to overcome adversity.

Expert Insight

Gain profound insights from mental health professionals at the forefront of trauma research and healing. Discover innovative therapeutic approaches and evidence-based strategies that can pave the way for your own healing journey or help you support others in theirs.

Practical Tools

Learn practical tools and coping mechanisms to navigate the complexities of trauma. Our speakers will provide actionable advice and resources that you can incorporate into your life, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

  • Get ready to be inspired

  • Transition from the things that have kept you bound

  • Take back the power you lost

  • remove all insecurities


  • Priority Seating with Keynote Speakers at Lunch. Get one on one access to ask questions and gain information.

  • Buffet Lunch Priority

General Admission $ 77

  • Access to The Broken, Bound But Becoming Summit

  • Buffet Lunch

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